PAK – the hotmelt
coating line

Its exceptional web feed makes the PAK 400 an unusual but compact coating and laminating machine.

The PAK 400 machine series

All versions of the compact PAK 400 are versatile roller and slot die coating units for hotmelts and UV-crosslinkable acrylic adhesives. Papers and also polymer films can be coated over the entire surface or in strips. The roller coater 400 and the slot die coater 400 D meet all requirements for the very highest level of precision and performance.
The line can be configured in an overhead variant, which enables very compact design of the complete line.
The coating compounds do not contain any solvents, so there is no need for a drying channel. An extensive range of components is available for web guiding and to meet process engineering requirements.

Various lines

Roller coating technology 400

The coating unit is designed as a 3 or 4-roll unit, depending on process requirements. The pre-dosing of the coating compound in the roller nip ensures precise, continuous coating. Coating can be carried out in co-rotation and counter-rotation.

Slot die coating technology 400 D

Wide slot dies made by all renowned manufacturers can be integrated for hotmelt coating. Customer preferences can be taken into account for this purpose. KROENERT has developed a precision adjustment for distance, angle and contact pressure to ensure precise and reproducible work with the slot die.