LABCO – KROENERT’s small-scale
but top-quality product line.

Designed for research and product development, the LABCO has also quickly established itself in the area of flexible, small-batch production. Its strict modular design enables it to meet rigorous requirements in both development and production.

The LABCO laboratory coating line

KROENERT has developed the compact LABCO for effective product development and production testing. Test results and findings from the LABCO can be easily transferred to production lines, thereby ensuring cost-effective and flexible product optimisation.

Working widths up to 500 mm

Production speeds of  1 m/min to 100 m/min

Designed for product development, the LABCO has also proven highly effective as a production line for small batches and for fundamental studies in research and development laboratories.

The line concept is compact and very flexible, so it can easily be adapted to production line concepts.

The areas of application are diverse, ranging from composite technology, contact and laminating adhesives, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and organic photovoltaics to printed electronics.

The LABCO is available for customer trials at the KROENERT Technology Center.

Various lines


Coating of high viscosity resin films with an application weight of 8-500 g/m²

Contact adhesives

Universal machine concept for processing hotmelts, radiation-crosslinking hotmelts and water-based adhesive and laminating adhesives

Organic photovoltaics

Inline machine concept for coating and drying several functional layers in one or more operations

Printed electronics

Register-accurate processing of polymer foils as well as printing of multiple functional layers in one or more operations