Well-trained employees with comprehensive specialist knowledge are able to exploit the full potential of the machines, thereby increasing both productivity and competitiveness.

Highly trained employees – greater productivity

Profit from our customised training offers

The productivity and competitiveness of your KROENERT production systems depends on many factors – how well qualified your machine operators are also plays a central role.

Well-trained employees with comprehensive expertise can exploit the full potential of the line and thus increase productivity and competitiveness. Your employees’ knowledge and skills represent important company capital and are decisive for the overall success of your company.

Your benefits:

  • Training in small groups
  • Practical training
  • Personal exchange
  • Deepen and reinforce your employees’ line and technical knowledge
  • Increase the qualification and motivation of your employees
  • Up-to-date information on technology and spare parts
  • Maximum utilisation of your line capacities
  • Optimisation of your products and production processes
  • More reliable operation and shorter downtimes
  • Fewer defects and faster fault analysis

Get up to date with the latest technology

Our fully equipped modern training center awaits your vist. Our qualified and certified trainers look forward to sharing their knowledge with you. Each training is prepared customer-specifically and is adapted to the respective requirements and machines.

In the training courses designed for application engineers, shift supervisors, production and manufacturing managers and process engineers, KROENERT experts impart indepth specialist knowledge. Each training is developed and presented in-house by engineers and technicians from different departments. The focus is on providing an optimal mix of theoretical and practical elements.

Personal exchange of experience and practical knowledge

In addition to theoretical basics and practical applications in the KROENERT Technology Center, participants will receive valuable tips and tricks that will make their daily work with the systems more efficient.

The participants not only have the opportunity to get to know all areas such as technology, components and maintenance, but also benefit from an open and lively exchange with each other. This is how we learn with and from each other.

Possible locations for our trainings:

  • Training in our Technology Center
  • On-site trainings
  • Online trainings

Learn more about the different trainings in our flyer or have a look at our film about the KROENERT training.