Our modules –
variability to meet every need

Special applications need flexible solutions. KROENERT assembles each line individually. A wide selection of high-quality, tried-and-tested components are available for this purpose.

You have all the options

In most cases, KROENERT lines are supplemented with additional modules based on established fundamental concepts or modules are varied for special production requirements. Whatever the situation, KROENERT’s specialist expertise relating to winders, coating units, dryers, drive and control technology is always applied – matched precisely to your product in terms of technology and process engineering.

Additional modules and components are available for selection according to the requirements you have for your customised line. Based on years of practical experience, these have proved highly effective and are subject to ongoing refinement.

Additional modules and components of the KROENERT line series


Unwinders and rewinders as single winders or turret winders for a continuous production process.

Coating units

Several series are available for conventional production projects. Combinations are possible, too.

Drying systems

Drying and crosslinking of coating compounds


Thermally dried coatings dry the paper. Remoistening is an essential component of the paper coating line concept.

Printing units

Single printing units in a line network, as reverse side logo printing or simple coating system.

Laminating units

From the simple joining of two webs to the complex construction of composite materials.

Web tension

Precise web tension control is essential for high-quality coating.

Web run

The exact web run between the core modules of a line with additional functions such as heating and cooling.

Equipment options

Additional components to extend the functionality of the line concept.


Operation and control of the machines.