MCO 5000 – a line that grows
to meet requirements

The MCO 5000 offers the user a line concept that can be easily expanded and provides the freedom to implement process engineering innovations.

The MCO 5000 – modular and innovative

The MCO 5000 supplements the KROENERT product portfolio with a clearly structured, fully planned line concept. The innovative approach of the MCO 5000 makes it easy to expand the line even years later. This means that investments can be made in keeping with demand, so it is possible to respond to changing market requirements at a later stage.

Given this flexibility, the MCO 5000 is perfect for entering new markets. The MCO 5000 offers the following:

  • Modular design, quick and easy to expand
  • Multifunctional coating unit
  • Simplified, fast installation due to standardised assembly modules
  • Energy-optimised due to highly efficient drives and optimum drying concepts
  • Equipped with standardised interfaces

Various examples of application

Silicone/adhesive line

Configuration of a coating and laminating line for the production of label material. The modules of the RECO series are designed so that single lines for production in several operations are possible, as well as tandem lines for inline production.

Silicone coating line

An MCO 5000 A for siliconising paper substrates used as release liners for labels and adhesive tapes, for example, as well as graphic, hygienic and medical products.
Solvent-free and thermally crosslinking silicones are coated.