Repairs of damaged components by our KROENERT service are the cost-effective alternative to the procurement of new components.

Repairs – reliable and economical

We coordinate every step with you

We support you professionally and quickly in reconditioning and repairing your KROENERT components. The repairs are carried out either at the KROENERT factory in Hamburg or at a supplier we know and trust.

For some of the components installed by KROENERT, repairs can be carried out simply and inexpensively. For example, damaged rollers can be sent to KROENERT to be examined by our specialists.

By involving the original suppliers, the the original delivery of the component can be restored in most cases.

Your benefits:

  • Original components
  • Fault analyses
  • Simple handling
  • Inspection and root cause analysis for damaged components
  • Economic evaluation
  • Involvement of the original supplier
  • Simple handling

Here you can download the PDF-Flyer.