KROENERT lines are used for the production of resin films and prepregs.

The production of prepregs can be carried out in a single stage using a line with resin coating systems and lamination as well as impregnation of the textile substrates, or in two stages consisting of resin film production and impregnation. The first variant is often used in research and development, while in mass production, resin film production and impregnation are separated since the resin film can be produced at a higher speed than impregnation.

Composites and prepregs have become indispensable in the manufacture of many components where weight and dimensional stability are the main concerns. The glass or carbon fibres incorporated in the substrate give the material the required tension-free stability and durability. In addition, it is possible enhance tensile and flexural strength.

Examples of applications


Fibre composites for external structures such as fuselage, wing and empennage components, engine modules and rotors, but also for interior fittings and seating components

Transport and traffic

Use for structural components and visible cladding in the automotive industry, for train, bus and motorhome applications

Wind energy

Fibre composites are used in the manufacture of wind turbines for rotors and blades

Mechanical engineering

Industrial applications in mechanical and line engineering include carbon rollers and winding shafts, mechanical elements and high-quality components


Composite materials are used for underwater pipes for gas, liquids and oil, gas and liquid tanks such as hydrogen for fuel cell applications

Medical technology

Areas of application in medical technology are orthoses and prostheses, implants such as artificial joints, etc.

Sports and leisure equipment

For sports equipment and in leisure, fibre composites are used for e.g. bicycles, golf clubs, fishing accessories and winter sports articles