Our Technology Center –
product development and optimisation

Gaining insights, pushing boundaries, making decisions – our Technology Center supports the development and optimisation of production processes, providing a level of capacity and flexibility that is not available in day-to-day production.

The best ideas are the result of teamwork.

KROENERT’s Technology Center offers an extremely valuable service, because its diverse range of machines enables a wide range of process engineering options for roll-to-roll coating and lamination. You can test coating and drying processes in close cooperation with KROENERT experts, for example – taking care to optimise sequences and parameters prior to investing in a new line. Thanks to ongoing internal development work and cooperation with scientific institutes, the Technology Center is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Development of a final product

As a rule, a line is intended for a specific end product. At the Technology Center, you can optimise your line perfectly to suit a concrete product before investing. Test runs with different parameters and raw materials are analysed with the help of our expert staff. KROENERT then designs the perfect line for you in terms of process engineering, handling speed, efficiency, cost effectiveness and material usage

Adaptation to new raw materials

As a developer of coating compounds and raw materials, you also benefit from the Technology Center. Increasing machine performance means there is a constant demand for new material compositions, and most of these are tested on in-house laboratory equipment. However, it is extremely rare to achieve 1:1 implementation on large-scale production lines – and this is where the Technology Center is at your disposal. Processes and technical designs can be optimised on various production-scale lines.

Lines available at the Technology Center

Multifunctional line with over 60 coating processes

Multifunctional line for smaller-scale batches


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