From the idea
to the KROENERT line

However individual your sector-specific products may be, the range of possibilities available to you is enormous if you have your line developed by KROENERT. You tell us what you have in mind – and together we can design the perfect line concept. When do we start?

Our expertise for your sector-specific solution

The combination of our technical expertise with the sector-specific experience of our engineers produces impressive added value for your individual coating solution. And you benefit from the creative transfer of technologies between applications, too. And one thing remains constant: our passion and our capacity for innovation to enable things to happen that might seem impossible at first. 

Your sector isn’t listed here? Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your application with you.

Your Sector

Technical products

Silicone paper/foil
Clear-on-clear Labels
Technical adhesive coatings
Graphic adhesive foils
Surface protection films
Window films
Embossing foils
Reflective foils

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Paper finishing

Thermal papers
Printing papers
Transfer papers
Graphic papers
Decor papers

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Packaging materials

PVdC coatings
PVdC pharmaceuticals
Barrier coating
AlOx Barrier
Aluminium finish
Wax/paraffin coating/lamination

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Transport and traffic
Wind energy
Mechanical engineering
Medical technology
Sports and leisure equipment

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Battery separators
Gas filtration membranes
Osmosis membranes

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Printed electronics

Circuit boards 
Smart systems
Intelligent textiles

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Renewable energies

Organic solar cells
Battery technology
Fuel cells

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Active ingredient patches/TDS
Diagnostic test strips
Wound dressings

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