EPCO – the prepreg production

The EPCO combines all the important line components of an epoxy resin coating and composite tape line.

The EPCO – specialised yet modular

Resin films and prepregs are produced on the machines of this series.

In the first process step, a resin film is produced that serves as an intermediate product for impregnating textile substrates. Another machine is used to transfer this resin film to the textile fibres to be impregnated. As a rule, three impregnation machines are sufficient to meet the capacity requirements of resin film production.

However, prepregs can also be produced in a combined line with resin application and lamination as well as impregnation of the textile substrates. This variant is often used in research and development.

Various examples of application

Coating line – film production

The EPCO as a film line includes the application of the epoxy resin onto a release liner, cooling and roll-up for intermediate storage.

Coating and impregnation – prepregs

With EPCO as the impregnation line, the objective is the semi-finished composite. In the EPCO, two resin films can be laminated and impregnated with the reinforcing substrate to be impregnated (e.g. carbon or glass) to form a composite tape. Additional epoxy resin layers can also be applied in the manufacturing process, depending on the concept.