RECO 800 A

The High-Performance Production Line for Water and Solvent-Based Media as well as 100 % Systems

The RECO 800 A in the KROENERT Technology Center

The multi-functional RECO 800 A is at the heart of the Technology Center. It is used primarily for the production of semi-finished items for flexible packaging, technical products as well as products for use in the renewable energy fields.

Flexible materials such as paper, cardboard, polymer films and metal foils in roll format are coated and laminated. Water and solvent-based dispersions and suspensions, as well as 100% systems, can be used for coating. Both wet and dry laminating are available. The RECO 800 A operates with over 60 coating processes.

  • Gravure rollers, smooth and multiple rollers, comma bar, slot die and curtain, Meyer doctor bars, kiss coat
  • Thermal drying or radiation-cross linking
  • Working widths from 500 mm to 1300 mm
  • Production speeds up to 1610 m/min

The RECO is available for customer trials at the KROENERT Technology Center.

The specific technical data of the RECO 800A in our Technology Centre are viewed in our flyer.