The brand value Reliable

For over 110 years, we have been a reliable partner to our customers, giving them that comforting feeling that they are always in good hands with us.

Customer story

KROENERT lines are known for their particular reliability and robustness. But as with any technical product, problems can still occur during the lifecycle of the line.

Regular maintenance based on a service contract.

An international customer in the packaging industry opted for a KROENERT line in 2002. Based on the service contract concluded for preventive maintenance, the line was extensively serviced at least once a year and subsequently worked smoothly for many years.

All of a sudden: line shutdown.

When an unexpected standstill occurred nonetheless, there was great concern that a prolonged production stoppage could be very costly. But the company had an ace up its sleeve: KROENERT Remote Service for emergencies. The customer had wisely concluded this special service contract to be prepared for precisely such an unplanned scenario. 

Immediately, one cog clicked into the other.

The KROENERT engineers were able to view the line’s central machine control via secure access – after prior activation by the customer. Since KROENERT lines are highly digitalised, it is possible to record and control all functions and actuators via this control unit – an extremely valuable feature, especially when it comes to rapid fault analysis and remote maintenance. Security is a top priority of course: a secure VPN connection with end-to-end encryption prevents unwanted third-party access.

Problem solved – in no time.

The specialised team of technicians and electrical engineers accessed the line parameters remotely, initiated a fault analysis and were able to localise and eliminate the cause of the fault within a very short time. In this way it was possible to reduce line downtime to a minimum.

With KROENERT you reliably maintain your status at the cutting edge of technology.

And reliability with KROENERT is not just part of the system in exceptional situations: it applies throughout the entire lifecycle of the line. Once the line had served the customer well for almost 20 years, it underwent a complete electrical retrofit. In the process, it was not only brought up to the state of the art but also optimised in terms of productivity. It was possible to increase production speed from 400 m/min to 600 m/min thanks to the KROENERT experts’ know-how.