The brand value Passionate

We take care of all our customers’ concerns with passionate dedication, ensuring we always come up with the best individual solution.

Customer story

When it comes to special process engineering challenges in particular, it becomes apparent time and again just what close-knit, passionately dedicated cooperation between the customer and KROENERT is capable of achieving in the search for the best solution.

Support for market entry.

A few years ago, KROENERT had the privilege of supporting a European company in its market entry in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. What was needed was a customised coating line geared to special production requirements. 

An individual line? This was a very exciting challenge for the experts of KROENERT’s design and process engineering department. And it was a case for the KROENERT Technology Center at the Hamburg site, too.

Test, optimise, test, optimise.

From the very start of development work, it was clear that every detail, no matter how small, would influence the quality of the production result. So fine tuning and perseverance were going to be needed here. In the course of numerous intense technical discussions between the customer’s departments and KROENERT on site and in Hamburg, the basic principles were worked out and specifications defined. 

The result: high-quality sample material for the customer.

The dynamic that developed between the teams resulted in highly meticulous project collaboration involving development, testing and optimisation – not only in designing the line but also in its construction and commissioning. After all, the aim and the aspiration was to define the exact settings that would allow the model sample to be produced for the company’s customers. The final outcome was impressive on all levels.

The beginning of a long-lasting partnership.

Not only did this inspired collaboration result in a line that ensured successful production for many years, it also gave rise to relationships between the employees of the two companies that ultimately developed into friendships.

The second line was ordered from KROENERT just recently.