The brand value

We are the experienced expert for coating lines so we offer our customers highly competent solutions that are unrivalled.

Customer story

Our customer – a manufacturer of contact adhesive tapes and label materials – had reason to be pleased: demand for their products had increased significantly. The only downside: the production capacity of the company’s PSA coating line had reached its limit.

A case for the experts at KROENERT

The first stage was to look at the options for process optimisation with the aim of increasing productivity, so this was discussed with the customer. It quickly emerged that greater economy of production could in no way be achieved at the expense of quality and only without affecting the current order schedule. This was a challenge that required a clear strategy along with detailed process and implementation planning. 

Test schedule and analyses

In order achieve the best possible result, a test schedule was developed by the KROENERT process engineers in close coordination with the customer directly on site. The analyses focused on air temperature, air recirculation and humidity in the dryer. KROENERT experts specialise precisely in this type of analysis and the subsequent adjustment of the parameters. 

The processes to be optimised were identified and made transparent, and solutions for achieving the goals were defined. For a subsequent evaluation of the measures, parameters were also determined which enabled results to be compared.

The outcome

Then the time came: the test results showed that production speed had been significantly increased while still maintaining product quality. The productivity of the coating line increased by 50%.

In view of the potential for optimisation, the machine parameters were adjusted accordingly. As a result, it was possible to significantly increase production on a sustainable basis – an outstanding joint success for the KROENERT engineers and the customer!