Interview with Marc Hülsemann

Please introduce yourself shortly!

My name is Marc Hülsemann, I am 25 years of age and I am part of the KROENERT team since 2017-06-01.

What have you done before joining KROENERT?

I successfully finished my apprenticeship as industrial mechanic in the field of system and mechanical engineering. Immediately afterwards I took a position as field mechanic.

How did KROENERT get onto your radar?

Kroenert has always had a presence in my life. My father did his apprenticeship here and has been working here ever since. So, even as a young one I could already participate in life at Kroenert, albeit indirectly.

What did you find attractive about KROENERT?

The personal atmosphere and the diversified work were appealing to me, and I get to go to foreign countries which would be hard to achieve as a private person.

What are your goals in working as fitter for coating and laminating production lines?

The biggest aim is of course to see the smile on the customer's face when they see that our hard work directly reflects in the quality of their products.

What does that mean precisely?

What I want to say: I want to get the most our of my work and the cooperation with the customer. Kroenert offers me the chance to develop further on a both professional and personal scale. We work closely with the customers and develop solutions for their problems. I am rather proud of that.

In your opinion, what it is that makes a fitter?

A good fitter needs to have the professional competence and the urge to finish all works successfully in soul and conscience.

What drives you every day?

I am driven by a spirit of adventure and curiosity towards life. This usually results in restlessness which does not allow me to sit still for longer periods.

What is your life motto?

Nothing comes from nothing!