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Better Sustainability with Blue Competence

The VDMA, under the slogan "Many talk about sustainability. We develop solutions" is calling on its members to join the Blue Competence initiative. The objective of the initiative is to ensure better sustainability in production processes by means of leading edge technology and innovation within the machine and line construction industry.

One important step to better sustainability is conserving energy and resources. Here KROENERT plays a leading role. The PAK/RECO EP series is used mainly to produce components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for the aircraft construction industry. The use of CFRP ensures significant weight reduction – and so reduction in kerosene consumption – in comparison to the more widely-used aluminum, while also extending the life of the aircraft. This results in significantly more energy and resource efficient flight operations.

A common problem with using CFRP is the fluctuating quality of the material. This is especially true in the aircraft construction industry, where, for safety reasons, quality requirements are very high. 

With KROENERT manufacturing lines consistently high quality CFRP components are guaranteed.  The key factor in this is the resin film coating process. KROENERT lines have high precision coating heads which minimize errors in the manufacturing process and have a sustainable, positive impact on the quality of the finished product. The precision coating process also reduces usage of the resin compound and thus manufacturing costs. Only solvent-free resins are used, making the expensive solvent recovery process not necessary.  

Because of the possibility of producing CFRP components of the highest quality, KROENERT is supporting the use of CFRP in aircraft construction, ensuring energy saving and the conservation of resources in terms of Blue Competence.

The PAK 400 EP achieves this precision in coating weight at the highest production efficiencies through the following features:

  • Defined resin viscosity through temperature regulation of +/- 1 K in all heated and cooled rollers and components
  • Precise coating weight through the rotation accuracy of +/- 1.5µm of the metering and coating rollers
  • Precise control of the web tension of the substrates throughout the entire coating line
  • Continuous control of the process speed
  • Coating weights of 10 - 1000 g/m² are achievable 
  • Compound viscosities of up to 1000 Pas allow efficient production
  • Production speeds of up to 80 m/min

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