Technical achievements

New Test Facilities in Technology Center

The comprehensive range of equipment in the Hamburg Technology Center offers the opportunity to find optimum line configurations for your own product before purchasing, using test runs. This year, and at considerable investment, the Technology Center was extensively modernized, offering an even wider range of tests under realistic conditions.

The existing PAK 610 was replaced by a modern line of the same type. Besides coating and laminating using waxes and hotmelts, and solventless laminating with single and dual component adhesives, epoxy resins can now also be processed. This means that the line can now also produce base materials for the production of compounds such as CFRP (carbon-fibre reinforced plastics). The modular design system, with temperature control of up to 180° C, variable web widths ranging from 300 to 1300 mm and a production speed of up to 300m/min, is highly versatile.

The LabCo, a pilot line for laboratory and research tasks, or small quantity production, has been re-equipped and supplemented with combined unwinding and winding units as well as an integrated laminating station. This now allows test runs for the production of prepregs (preimpregnated fabrics) through the transfer of resin films to fiber substrates, and extends the range of applications for roll-to-roll processing. The system operates at a web width of 200 to 500 mm, and a production speed of up to 40 m/min.

To make test runs for the production of electronic products possible, clean room conditions are necessary. Clean room-like conditions were created in the LabCo as well as the RECO 800 A in the Technology Center by enclosing the coating head and the substrate channels during the upgrade process. The versatile RECO 800 A is equiped with a quick-change trolley system. Today, by using different rollers, blades and slot dies, the line allows tests in over 60 coating processes.  Web widths vary from 200 to 1300 mm, with production speeds of up to 1610 m/min. Double-sided coating can be simulated by using consecutive test runs.  

The Technology Center is not only used for testing and trials, but also for training internal staff as well as external specialists. The improvements have substantially extended the range of activities possible, so that the ultra-modern machinery leaves nothing to be desired in covering a wide range of applications within a variety of sectors.

For more information on the Technology Center please contact Andrea Glawe,
andrea.glawe(at), +49 40 853 93 660.