Dear reader,

Keeping an eye on the future and not resting on one’s laurels – a seemingly simple recipe for success. But how does this work in practice? Uncertainty is growing: current forecasts for German economic growth vary, sometimes significantly. After a temporary low, German mechanical engineering is showing signs of growth again. I am firmly convinced that this sector remains globally competitive by focusing on its strengths. 

At KROENERT, keeping an eye on the future is an integral part of our daily routine. Our Innovation Working Group, a forum consisting of employees ranging from service technicians to the CEO and launched this year specifically for this purpose, meets several times per year. They discuss product improvement, new approaches, technical solutions and innovative processes.  Selected customers are invited to every meeting to give motivational talks, as it is only through close cooperation that future needs can be recognized.

This newsletter will fill you in on some of these promising future projects, e.g. the delivery of our first MCO 5000, the contract for the largest production facility for printed organic photovoltaics on the entire American continent and the extensions and improvements to our Technology Center.

KROENERT not only wants to talk about the future, we want to actively shape it. This is best expressed in the words of the German writer and journalist Erich Kästner: "There is no good unless you do good."

I hope you enjoy your reading.

Dr. Tarik Vardag