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Taking a Stand:
KROENERT and ZAE Support Education & Training Preparation for Immigrants

In February 2016 the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education and Training (HIBB) launched the Education & Training Preparation for Immigrants (AvM-Dual) project.

The measures are aimed at young refugees between the ages of 16 and 18 years. They combine academic and vocational training, and include language tuition and intercultural differences. At school these young people reflect on their work experience, while their German language acquisition program focuses on individual needs and is appropriate, and they develop realistic career prospects. The program gives them the opportunity to obtain a recognized school-leavers certificate.

Since September KROENERT and ZAE have been active in the program, and are offering internships for three young people in Assembly, Manufacturing and Human Resources. For six months they will spend two days per week working in their respective departments.  

“As a traditional Hamburg business, we welcome our responsibilities. Everyone should make a contribution and support integration wherever they can.” In the words of management and HR staff members participating in the program. “The initiative enjoys the full support of our employees, and they are proud to be part of this integration in practice”.