Ralf Mohrdieck: Innovative in Industry 4.0

As the head of the electrical engineering department at KROENERT, Ralf Mohrdieck fulfills a broad range of duties. The focus of the section is on the development, construction and installation of machine controls, and the hardware, software and visualization up to interfaces for custom data systems. Besides technical expertise, teamwork is very important since the best results come from open dialog and creative exchange.

With 25 years of professional experience, of which 10 in personnel management, Mr. Mohrdieck is an absolute expert in his field. He started his career as a developer of process control systems in Frankfurt on Main, later changing to a specialized mechanical engineering company in Lüneburg, where he became head of product development for standardized and configurable hotmelt systems. He became aware of KROENERT through a business contact, and realized immediately what kind of opportunities the Hamburg company could offer him. He has headed up the electrical engineering department since June 2016 and remains as excited as ever to be a team member of the industry leaders in high tech specialized engineering.

“Learning something new every day is what motivates me,” explains Mr. Mohrdieck. “At KROENERT I work with the latest technology and can serve as a driving force for innovation!” Digitalization through Industry 4.0, the dovetailing of industrial production with the most up-to-date information and communication technology, is a topic which fascinates him, given the ever-increasing importance of cost, time and resource efficiency. He plans to use innovation and standardized techniques to incorporate these concepts into day-to-day work.

However, technical expertise isn’t everything; as the head of a department, fair and respectful staff management is close to his heart. He lives team spirit at KROENERT every day, encouraging creativity and lateral thinking, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration with other departments, amongst his staff. To him, trust between employees and team management is exceptionally important. “Trust cannot be demanded or expected, trust is earned!” says Mr. Mohrdieck.