KROENERT in the Press

KROENERT publishes specialised articles and company news in many national and international journals related to the converting industry. The most important publications are available to download for you here.

The rise of smart packaging solutions 
Production methods for smart labels read moreOPE journal
No. 31, May 2020
“One plus one” equals more than two! 
KROENERT and Coatema regard their alliance under the umbrella of ATH
as a win-win situation for customers, companies and employees read more
C2 Europe
#73, 2019
Barrier Films for Food Packaging 
What's on the inside matters too read moreFood & Beverage Asia
April/May 2018
Process modelling and measurements. read moreCoating
January 2018
Key criteria for composites 
The experts of Hamburg-based KROENERT discuss in C2, how machinery manufacturers can support the requirements in the quality assurance of prepregs. read moreC2 Europe
#62, 2017
Tested solutions, individually adapted 
Tested solutions, individually adapted put into operation at Constantia Teich. read moreC2 Europe
#59, 2016
A boost for OPV in Brazil 
KROENERT and CSEM Brasil have celebrated the inauguration of a state-of-the-art
production line for organic photovoltaics. read more
OPE journal
No. 15, May 2016
“Staying flexible and open to new technologies“ 
In its 112-year history, Hamburg-based Kroenert Group has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of special-purpose machines for coating technologies. read moreVDMApress release
High precision epoxy resin film coating launched 
C2 discussed new ways to save energy and resources with Frank Schäfer and Andrea Glawe read moreC2 Europe
#52, 2015
Flexibility in intermittent coating process applications 
Andrea Glawe, KROENERT and Harald Doell, TSE Troller read moreCoating
September 2015
Battery cells offer exciting future 
C2 met with Prof Dr Werner Schreiber and Dr Tarik Vardag to talk about the co-operation between VW Varta Microbattery and KROENERT read moreC2 Europe
#52, 2015
A phoenix arises from its ashes 
Since its foundation in 1995, Drytec has been producing drying and moisturising lines for the converting industry. In the wake of the 20th anniversary of the company, C2 asked managing director sales Bernward Kurpisch to talk about the company’s development since its inception. read moreC2 Europe
#49, 2015
Clear statements and above all transparency are important 
Interview with Dr Tarik Vardag, Managing Director of the KROENERT group.
by Marlies Schäfer, VDMA read more
VDMA news
October 2014
Challenges for flexible coating systems 
Interview with Andrea Glawe, Frank Schäfer, Dr Tarik Vardag, Dr Wolfgang Neumann, KROENERT GmbH & Co KG read moreCoating
October 2014
Riding horses of steel 
Why Frank Schäfer, KROENERT’s sales director new products is king of the road in his free time read moreOPE Journal
#6, Jan. '14
Высококачественные препреги 
Как может инженерное оборудование обеспечивать запросы производителей композитных изделий? читать далееКомпозитный мир
май/июнь 2013
How can the machine engineering support the requests for high quality standardized prepregs for composites? read morescript for Composites World,
#3, No. 5/6 2013
Basking in the sun 
Together KROENERT and Solar Press want to realise low cost, reliable production of OPV products read moreOPE Journal
#4, May '13
One system – limitless possibilities 
Can completely different products such as battery electrodes and organic solar cells be processed on the same coating system? OPE journal asked a leading coating system manufacturer, Hamburg-based KROENERT GmbH & Co KG to comment read moreOPE Journal
#1, May '12
“Innovation instead of outsourcing” 
C2 had a conversation with Dr Tarik Vardag, Managing Director of the KROENERT group, about new technologies, innovative system concepts and the future of BMB read moreC2 Europe
#32, March '12
Coating champions get trendy 
Dr. Neumann read moreC2 Europe
#32, March '12