RECO 800 A

The RECO 800A is the centerpiece of KROENERT’s Technology Center in Hamburg. It is used mainly for the production of semi-finished goods for flexible packaging and technical products, as well as for renewable energy and environmental products.

Flexible materials such as paper, carton, polymer films and metal foils in roll form are coated and laminated.

Aqueous and solvent-based dispersions, suspensions and 100% systems can be used for coating, while both dry and wet laminating are available.

Technical Data

Web Widths

500 – 1300 mm

Line Speed

5 – 1610 m/min


Flying Splice

Coating Processes

Smooth roller

Gravure roller

Slot die (Bead mode, Curtain mode etc.)

Comma bar


Convection (18m dryer length)

IR (6 x 6,2 kW/emitter)

UV (5 x 200 W/cm)


Superheated steam or water spraying

Laminating Stations

2 or 3 rollers before or after drying


clean room conditions for encapsulated slot die coating system (2 stage filtration: F7 + U15)