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PAK 610

In the PAK 610 the Technology Center disposes of a multifunction line for solvent-free coating of flexible materials such as paper, carton, polymer film and aluminum foil in roll form. Its primary area of use is the application of barrier layers such as wax and paraffin as well as the application of adhesives for laminates.

The single and double-sided paraffin coating of paper and wax lamination of composites, e.g. aluminum foil with paper, polymer films with paper and aluminum foil with polymer film, are possible with the PAK 610.

In the hotmelt field the PAK 610 is well-suited to single and double-sided coating and lamination of paper and other materials, as well as the production of resin film for the impregnation of fibers in fiber-reinforced plastics.


Technical Data

Web Widths250 – 1300 mm
Processing Speeds10 – 300 m/min
Edge and Center cutting for the production of narrow webs
Temperaturemaximum 180°C
Coating ProcessesRoller coating
Dip coating
Lamination2 Rollers
A melting unit with heated rollers and pumps are also available for the line.

PAK 610


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