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As a functional coating and laminating line the LabCo can be used for differing applications with web widths of up to 500 mm.

Its primary use is the production of functional layers in clean-room conditions. For this, the line is encapsulated and fed with filtered air (HEPA13). It is also suited to the production of prepregs in which the resin film has to be laminated double-sided to a fibre substrate in a specified thickness. These laminates can be produced in wet and dry lamination processes.

Because of the variety of coating processes available, the LabCo can be used with almost all coating raw materials, aqueous and solvent-based, or 100% systems in fluid or paste form. Flexible materials such as paper, carton, polymer film and metal foils can be laminated.

Technical Data

Web Widths|100 – 500 mm
Line Speed |0,1 – 40 m/min
Coating Processes|Slot die (8 or 12 o‘clock position)
|Gravure roller
|Smooth roller
|Comma bar
Drying Techniques|Heated air using electric radiator
Dryer length|4m
Dryer temperatures of|up to 120°C
Web feed |floating or guide rollers
IR & UV radiation|by agreement


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