Maintenance Contract Ensures Excellent Production Reliability

For you, as a line operator, there are multiple elements which speak for a maintenance contract:

  • Manufacturer’s expertise
    KROENERT’s customer service experts know every line right down to the last screw. After all, they are designed and built here. And, technicians on service call-outs can fall back on this knowledge base.

  • Operating reliability
    The service and maintenance of components subject to wear and tear by trained experts improves your operating reliability and protects your employees.

  • Releases your employees
    Since none of your employees need to be allocated to service and maintenance, their time can be dedicated completely to production.

  • Legal security
    Legal requirements always change; KROENERT’s customer service stays up to date on all new developments, and ensures that you, as a maintenance contract customer, are constantly kept in the loop.

  • Rapid assistance in case of damage and loss
    As a maintenance contract customer, your repair requirements have the highest priority. The KROENERT service team will be with you within 24 hours plus travelling time.

  • Availability of replacement components
    In order to minimize downtime, in-stock replacement parts are available to you on-site. KROENERT will deliver the required parts, ex-stock, within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

  • Reduce operating costs
    Regular servicing and maintenance ensures that necessary repairs and technical defects are detected before breakdowns occur. This means that you avoid costly repairs and downtime, and your line retains value over a longer period.

  • Reduced prices
    Maintenance contract customers receive a discount on the hourly labor rate for maintenance and installation as well as a discount on replacement parts and parts subject to wear and tear.