Technical achievements

KROENERT Revolutionizes Film Coating

The introduction of a new product series has further supplemented the KROENERT product portfolio. The InCo800 Simplex and Duplex Coater makes the inline coating of BOPET and BOPP films during the film building process in stretch film lines possible.

Until now an additional and expensive coating process in offline lines was required to achieve specific surface properties on films. This is now past! The InCo800 coater can be integrated in new or existing BOPET and BOPP stretch film lines. The carefully thought-out design means that the coater’s space requirement is so low that it can be added between the machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD) stretching stations.

The new series combines KROENERT-typical quality characteristics: it is modular, flexible and suited to single and simultaneous double-sided coating.


The InCo800 is primarily used for the surface treatment of films with water-based functional coatings. Application thicknesses are in the range between few nanometers and < 10g/m². Areas of application include, for example:

  • Printed films (top coat)
  • Metallized films (primer)
  • Anti-slip or anti-blocking coatings for optical films
  • Anti-static coatings
  • Anti-fog coatings
  • Release (silicones)
  • Matting
  • Scratch protection
  • Anti-micro organisms (germs)
  • Barrier properties (packaging, OLEDs, solar panels, fuel cells, etc.)
  • Optical films (mobile phone displays, flat screens etc.)

Coating processes and media

In the InCo800 the ceramic gravure roller technology with T- doctor chamber blade system comes into play, or as option, the pressure doctor chamber blade MPG 600 CI. This makes single-sided or simultaneous double-sided coating, at production speeds of up to 550 m/min, possible.

The coater achieves high precision, reproducable coating results with water-based dispersions using acrylics, polyester and polyurethanes.


The InCo800 combines high precision coating performances with carefully planned, practical handling. The compact, solid design ensures vibration-free operation. The reproducable and motorized precision settings in the kisscoat process make the coating of substrates of up to 2.4 mm thick, also with various coating weights, possible.

All coating and web control components are readily accessible during operation, and the gravure rollers and chamber do not have to be removed for cleaning or to change blades. The chamber can be swung up pneumatically for light cleaning.

The material is corrosion resistant for ph values from 4 to 9, and blade clamping functions pneumatically too, not with screws. Even if the chamber needs to be removed, no web separation is needed. The coater features a direct drive without gears, and with quick removal configuration of the AC motor.

Working and coating widths can quickly and easily be changed during running production.

A high-performance corona station makes single and double-sided pre-treatment possible, and an antistatic device prevents electrostatic charging of the polymer film prior to coating. Gravure and corona rollers are cooled and the compound circulation system of VA stainless steel uses filtration and level control for execution aligned to the chamber system and production speed.

The simple operation of the system is ensured by a visual display of all settings, including recipe management and production parameters.


Besides the standard version, custom versions of the InCo800 are available for special areas of application. The coater is available, for instance 

  • with shorter web guidance with or without trolley
  • for web guidance with backing roller
  • as a design for clean room technology 
  • for optical films with thicknesses of up to 4,2 mm
  • for transfer coating processes

Technical Configuration

The technical data for the InCo800 speaks for itself:

Web width500 – 3500 mm
Production speedup to 550 m/min
Substrate BOPET/BOPP in standard up to 2.4 mm thickness
Coating weight 1.5 – 30 g/m2 wet
Solid contents5 – 30 %
Coating media  Water-based
Viscosity a)T-chamber 5 – 500 mPas
b)Pressure chamber MPG 600 CI: 5 – 1000 mPas
Gravure roller Ø250/300/400 mm

For questions on the InCo800 please contact Thomas Neudahl,
tel. + 49 40 85393611, thomas.neudahl(at)