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MCO 5000 - Turnkey installation in record time

The South American label producer’s order for a modular MCO 5000 was recently completed in record time; after shipping in January 2015, the line was erected by a team on site. Using standardized modules, the turnkey installation of the 50m long KROENERT MCO 5000 with a working width of 1650 mm, was finished in just seven weeks. The subsequent commissioning of the MCO 5000, delivered from Hamburg, was completed in eight weeks - a process completed without any problems.  

The official handover to the customer took place in June this year. After four months of operation at full capacity, the Production Manager of the South American label manufacturer gave this initial feedback: "The MCO 5000 has completely exceeded our expectations. KROENERT‘s comprehensive process know-how is clearly shown in this cost effective and visually attractive line. It is easy to use and very easy to maintain; we are completely satisfied!" 

At KROENERT we’re also very happy. "Of course, feedback like this is amazing", explains the head of the MCO 5000 modular line, Carsten Grebien. "It shows that our customers appreciate KROENERT. They get a well thought out line design, error-free production, effective project management and quick delivery.
That’s what makes KROENERT." 

A film on the MCO 5000 can be found here.

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