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Sustainability and innovation are, for KROENERT, a very high priority. To be successful in the future, we need to be innovative and to constantly reinvent ourselves. What, however, are the requirements for being innovative?

The futurologist Dr. Stefan Bungart supports the provocative thesis that a prerequisite for innovation is the ability to forget. In Bungart’s view, being able to forget outdated rules and abandon old habits is a fundamental prerequisite for innovation. His message is "learn to unlearn". An interesting thesis, and one well worth exploring more closely.

In this edition of our i-News you can read about the lightweight construction case study, which shows that sustainability is more than the optimization of machines and lines. We also inform you about a supplement to our product portfolio, the InCo 800 Inline Coater, and that our MCO 5000 went into operation on schedule. You can also have a look at some customer feedback in this edition.

I trust that you will enjoy reading our i-News, and wish you a strong final spurt for the remainder of the year.

Dr. Tarik Vardag
Managing Director


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