Special deliveries

Recognition for MCO 5000

The MCO 5000 is the latest KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC bestseller. A South American label manufacturer took delivery of an individually assembled line in early October.

Thanks to the modular design, the greater part of the line, including the dryer, was assembled and ready for operational acceptance in record time at the KROENERT assembly plant. The customer’s representatives took delivery of the line on site, and were enthusiastic about both the quality and design. And, KROENERT staff are proud of their latest product. The MCO 5000‘s multifunctional coating head as well as diverse modules and extensions permit a variety of applications, quick assembly and installation and ease of operation. This is another masterpiece by our staff in the engineering and design departments.

Assembly of the line at KROENERT was recorded in time lapse; view the video here:

Special deliveries (copy 1)

After the successful handover, the system is now on its way to South America, where KROENERT employees will oversee its installation and commissioning.

For more information on the MCO 5000 please
contact Andrea Glawe, andrea.glawe(at)kroenert.de,
tel. +49 40 853 93 660.