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New Website Online

We’re certain that you have already noticed: the KROENERT Newsletter has a new face. Our reason is a happy one: the new KROENERT website is live online! In line with this we’ve changed the look of the newsletter, so as to present an uniform image. And, besides the contemporary design, we have focused on ensuring user-friendly functionality.

So, why would you look at a website? To find out about the company, get an impression and research specific information. Now, thanks to clear navigation, meaningful, relevant content and large images, this is all available quickly and efficiently. The new website is based on a high-performance content management system, ensuring that updates and new information can be added simply and quickly, keeping the site permanently up to date.

Besides the navigation system, the site contains a context-sensitive search function, making every keyword available with one click. Besides English and German, the site is available in Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and Spanish. Languages can be switched on every page, with no need to go back to the home page.

No website in the world can replace personal contact. This is what KROENERT offers – all over the world!  One click on the world map available on each page will give you the contact person for that region.

The site shows, in addition to KROENERT products, functionalities and design. We’re happy to welcome you to the new site, and invite you to discover our world by mouse click. And we look forward to your feedback!

For more information about the website please contact our iNews editors,