Special deliveries

KROENERT Delivers OPV Production Line

With the launch of the LabCo in 2010, KROENERT extended its portfolio to include a specially-constructed narrow web line. This year, an interesting project was carried out with the globally active Brazilian research and development center, CSEM. CSEM is involved in the manufacture of printed electronics and organic photovoltaics (OPV), one of the LabCO‘s core competencies.

In September this year KROENERT delivered a LabCo production line to CSEM at Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This means that CSEM now has at its disposal the largest OPV production line in the Americas, and one of the largest worldwide. With its modular design, the LabCo is ideally suited for individual application; it allows a variety of configurations, tailored to the respective requirements of the customer. In Belo Horizonte CESM uses the LabCo to produce organic solar cells in a roll-to-roll process; these cells are, in contrast to silicon cells, extremely light, flexible and transparent. They are used mainly in the production of electricity for mobile phones, computers, wireless networks and electric vehicles as well as in off-grid solutions for lighting, ventilation and water treatment – all on the premise of environmentally friendly, renewable energy. As a country rich in sunshine, Brazil is predestined for solar technology.

"We’re very proud to have been appointed as the manufacturers of the production line for CSEM," says CEO Dr. Tarik Vardag, "it was a challenging task to construct such a large line, taking into consideration CSEM’s required options. KROENERT has shown once again why it is the partner of choice!"

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