Special Deliveries

Paper and Cardboard Processing Expansion

KROENERT is expanding its scope of business to include paper and cardboard processing on the back of the current Jade-Pack GmbH project in Niedersachsen.

Jade-Pack, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Halbzellstoff-Industrie GmbH, a well-known producer of laminated cardboard products, is planning a move into new markets, extending its range of products into the automotive sector. A double digit million Euro figure has been invested in coating and laminating technology to enable this. KROENERT, because of its renowned quality and years of experience, has been appointed as the supplier of the coating and laminating line. Besides the significant flexibility with respect to the materials to be processed, and the high operating speed, the company’s Technology Center was a key factor in the decision. There, Jade-Pack employees cooperated with KROENERT specialists, in a series of comprehensive tests, to adapt the line coating systems precisely to the material to be processed. This did not take place in a virtual test series, but on production scale lines, ensuring that all components would be perfectly suited to the job when the new line will be commissioned.

For Jade-Pack, the new line, which was presented to interested customers at the FachPack at the end of September in Nürnberg, open up new production opportunities. However, KROENERT will also profit from the project. Through the test results gained in the Technology Center, the organization can expand into the paper and cardboard processing sector, and further develop and optimize coating and laminating technology.

KROENERT will deliver the new RECO 800, which will go into production at the end of 2017, during the second quarter next year. The mutually successful cooperation will continue, and future product development will be driven together. All project partners stand to benefit from the synergies.

Please direct any questions on this project to Christian Werner,
christian.werner(at)kroenert.de. or tel. +49 40 85393726