Careers at KROENERT and ZAE

KROENERT’s recipe for commercial success: committed, flexible, satisfied and, above all, inquisitive employees.

To deal with this effectively, KROENERT places great value on knowing and understanding the expectations of its employees. Furthermore, it is essential to assign tasks to employees with the necessary expertise, to encourage individuals, and identify opportunities for advancement.

To ensure this, the perfect balance between internal staff development or succession planning, and external, new employees must be found. Doing this gives KROENERT new impetus while preserving the company’s traditions.

The newly launched KROENERT career site focuses specifically on potential external applicants. Interested parties can have a look behind the scenes and get to know the company and some KROENERT employees.

The various options to join the company have been categorized by level of experience. Every reader, whether highly experienced, beginner or a trainee, is able to access the information applicable to his or her personal career situation.

If you’re interested please contact the HR Manager, Ramona Junuzovic,
tel. +49 40 853 93 101, ramona.junuzovic(at)