Technical Achievements

New Service Portal Simplifies Parts Inquiries and Orders

Customer service at KROENERT does not end with the commissioning of a line. After the sale, every customer receives comprehensive advice and care.

KROENERT is widely recognized as the technological market leader in this sector; for the company, it is also important to set trends and define benchmarks in the customer service sector. The ordering of mechanical parts has been simplified for lines delivered from autumn 2016. Every customer will receive, with their line, a customized parts and service catalog based on an online portal.  This has been made possible by new software which compiles a catalog, from the KROENERT database, individually matched to every respective line. Besides the parts installed in the machine, the catalog also contains operating and maintenance manuals, line drawings and the web path – all in one central location. Electrical parts are included in a second phase.

For every machine a matching catalog, which includes only the parts actually installed, is created by the program. This eliminates time-consuming searches for parts or the correct version of a part. Requests for quotes can be made online, using the catalog software. Changes or additions are performed by KROENERT, so that the catalog is always up to date, and customers are informed of these updates.

This online catalog can be used offline or as a download on all digital devices, whether PC, tablet or smartphone. Password protection ensures the security of sensitive data, the login offers a variety of hierarchical levels, and requests for purchase orders can only be initiated with the appropriate level of authorization.

Besides the simplified identification of parts, this process also speeds up inquiries and delivery. Since the required part, with all necessary details, is already known, no intermediate clarification is required; the customer receives a confirmation email and the process takes its course.

This investment in the service sector shows, once again, that high quality of service, along with high product quality, is a guiding principle at KROENERT.

Interested in the new Service Portal? Contact Rüdiger Dedow for more information on tel. +49 40 853 93 174 or ruediger.dedow(at)