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Line Extension at Avery Dennison Gotha

The Avery Dennison Corporation is a leading global producer of labelling systems. Besides other locations, the plant in Gotha, which specializes in emulsion-based acrylic adhesives, has also been equipped with various KROENERT lines for a long time. With increasing demand for quality foil products of high clarity and purity, the company decided to embark on a multi-million Euro project to increase capacity at the Gotha plant.

As part of this expansion, two existing KROENERT lines were upgraded. Because of the modular design, problem-free upgrading and retrofitting are possible any time; components can be exchanged, replaced or integrated without changing the basic line.

The EFC1 coating line was extended to an inline operation with solvent-free silicon and water-based PSAs; in its EFC2 sister line the existing topcoat coating head was retrofitted with a device for sleeve change technology. In addition, a completely new topcoat coating head with the latest gravure rollers was integrated in the EFC2. As a result, the EFC2 line now has two heads with MPG 600 CI chamber doctor blade and sleeve systems.

Spatial adjustments were also necessary. The extended in-line coating machine is now in a separate area with positive air pressurization to ensure a dust-free environment - a fundamental prerequisite for quality and purity in the coating process.

As a consequence of the expansion and upgrades, the lines are now capable of processing even thinner materials of 10 micron thickness at high speeds. The ultra-thin material not only offers a high degree of transparency but, due to lower resource consumption, also contributes to a positive eco-balance.

Their modular design ensures that KROENERT lines can always be adapted to the latest technology and remain very flexible. Avery Dennison Gotha, by retrofitting existing technology, was able to increase their coating capacity by 50 million square meters per year. The company works very closely with its customers, offering individual solutions – making flexible operating machinery which guarantees the highest product quality of utmost importance. With KROENERT lines, Avery Dennison is able to market customer-specific, innovative products.

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