Dear reader,

Understanding and translating the products and processes of our customers into customized production lines is our core function.

Individual machine design, based on proven line concepts, is a KROENERT specialty. Whether it’s a new production line, the extension of an existing line, or a highly flexible testing or laboratory line, with a team of more than 60 engineers and designers, we convert your requirements – concept, construction and control - into your individual line.

In this version of i-News, you can read about how our customer Constantia Teich in Austria is making use of this expertise to coat the thinnest of aluminum foils.
Avery Dennison, too, shows how an existing KROENERT line can, based on its modular design, be brought back up to the cutting edge of technology relatively easily, through modifications and extensions. 

For KROENERT, the focus is not just on upgrading existing lines, but on customer service.
With the introduction of a new service portal in Autumn 2016, ordering replacement parts will become much simpler for all new lines. Read how the online catalog can benefit you in areas other than just parts replacement. 

Our order book remains at a consistently high level. At this point I would like to thank you personally for placing your trust in KROENERT, and wish you a wonderful summer.  

Tarik Vardag