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The pilot coater LabCo

Since 2010 KROENERT offers with the LabCo a line specifically for the development and small batch production of different products. This modular narrow web line was designed to complement the proven RECO and PAK series, and its success has shown that the idea was right. The LabCo has become, in the shortest of times, a bestseller.  

Its modular design makes the machine very flexible, and KROENERT can adapt it to your individual task requirements.  All production parameters can be transferred directly to the RECO and PAK, making the LabCo particularly attractive as a test line and for troublefree upscaling from laboratory to fabrication. 

Its applications are diverse and range from composite technology, pressure sensitive and laminating adhesives, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, organic photovoltaics to printed electronics.

Technical Data

''Web widths' '|' '100 – 500 mm''  
''Rate of Production' '|' ' 0,1 – 100 m min''  
''Drying' '|' ' Convection dryin Radiation drying''  
''Winder ' '|' ' Cantilever winder for easy material handling''  
'Drive controls '|'' Siemens''  
'Web control tension ' '|'' Optimized web control and tension adjustment for variety of different substrates''  
''Coating Printing ' '|' ' Full surface and pattern or stripe coating''  
''Control ' '|' ' Register control for print processes' '  
''Monitoring ' '|' ' Integration of variety of measuring techniques and instruments to survey process''  

Coating Station

The LabCo‘s modular coating and printing stations make a wide variety of coating and printing processes possible:

  • Reverse gravure process
  • Gravure and flexo printing
  • Comma bar
  • Smooth roller coating
  • Slot die
  • Hotmelt die
  • Rotary screen-printing

Possible applications


Coating of a highly viscous resin film at a coating weight range of 8 -500 g/m²

sample of a coating station

Pressure-sensitive adhesives:

Universal machine concept for the processing of hotmelts, radiation-cured hotmelts and aqueous pressure sensitive and laminating adhesives

Lithium Ion batteries:

Single-sided and simultaneous double-sided coating of battery layers, full-surface and pattern

Membranes for fuel cells:

Tension-free processing, coating and drying of substrates sensitive to tensile stress and temperature

Organic Photovoltaics:

Inline machine concept for the coating, printing and drying of multiple functional layers in one or more process steps   

Printed Electronics:

Register-precise processing of polymer films as well as printing of multiple functional layers in one or more process steps

Assembly of a LabCo in the KROENERT facilities


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