Components to optimise the web course

To ensure the high quality standard in manufacturing, the components listed herein are also developed by KROENERT. This ensures optimum adjustment of the individual systems to each other so that their modes of action can utilize all possible synergies and thus offer you the following economic advantages:

  • High availability of the production line
  • Simple and fast maintenance from a single source
  • Reduction of the need for spare parts

Pull units

The newest generation of fast-running coating and laminating production lines have individual demands to the web tension in the production line. For example, the tension in the coating system differs from the one in the drying channel or the rewinder. KROENERT developed different web tension components that take these different requirements into account.

Design variants:

  • Classic web pull units with steel pull roller and rubber pressure roller
  • Suction rollers or suction tables for contact-free web tension separation
  • Combination with web edge control systems and web tension measurement systems possible

Cooling stations

The web, heating up during processing, must be cooled down to a defined temperature before rewinding. In most cases, this is done by the cooling station - normally consisting of a steel roller supplied with cold water and a pressure roller; depending on the required cooling power, size and number of the cooling rollers can vary. In special cases, air coolers are also applied.