Coating Systems

The coating station is the heart of every coating and laminating line. At the coating station, the compound is applied onto the web. The coating station can consist of several rollers or a slot die.

KROENERT coating stations allow for over 60 different coating processes, many of which were developed in our own Technology Center under production conditions and are now integrated into customers' production lines.

In roller coating, the compound is applied from a reservoir onto the web using several rollers, whereby the pressure of the rollers to each other, the differential speed amongst each other and the characteristics of the rollers influence the coating weight. This enables coatings of less than 0.01 g/m² and more than 500 g/m².

In slot die coating, the compound is pumped and metered from a storage tank and applied onto the web through the slot of the die.

Depending on coating weight, solids content, viscosity, flow properties and the production speeds etc., we distinguish coating technologies using: