Inline coater InCo 800

One- and double-sided inline coating of BOPET and BOPP films with coating system InCo 800/800A to improve the film properties.
Integration is possible into existing and new film stretching systems. The complex and expensive offline coating in a separate production line is thus not necessary any more.
The coating system is available in different versions as fixed (InCo 800) or trolley system (InCo 800A).

Due to the small footprint, this coater can be installed between MDO (longitudinal stretching) and TDO (cross stretching) of film stretching devices. The inline coater InCo is also suitable for simultaneous film stretching devices (LISM).


With water-based functional coatings in the nanometer range, specific surface properties for different applications can be achieved in film production.
These are for example:

  • Top-Coats (e.g. for printed films)
  • Primer (e.g. for metal-coated films)
  • Anti block properties (e.g. for optical films)
  • Anti slip
  • Anti static
  • Anti fog
  • Anti scratch
  • Anti micro (resistance against germs)
  • Release (silicones)
  • Matting
  • Barrier properties (for packaging, OLEDs, solar panels, fuel cells, etc.)
  • Optical films (displays for smartphones, flat screens, etc.)

Coating procedure

One- or double-sided coating is done in KROENERT ceramics gravure roller technology and a closed chamber blade system (T-chamber) up to a speed of 550 m/min.
For special applications, the KROENERT pressure chamber blade MPG 600 CI can also be used together with the KROENERT gravure roller-sleeve technology.

Coating media

The employed gravure roller coating technology serves to coat high-precision and reproducible coatings. Used are commercial, water-based dispersions basing on:

  • Acrylates
  • Polyester
  • Polyurethanes

Depending on the gravure roller used, a coating weight range of approx. 1-10 g/m² (wet) at a viscosity of 5-300 mPas (for pressure chamber blades even higher) can be implemented.

Features of the InCo 800/800A

  • Fast and easy width adjustment even during production
  • Special compound system made of stainless steel with circulation pump, filter incl. filter monitoring, level control unit and flow control
  • Antistatic devices upstream of the coating system
  • AC motors as direct drives
  • Electrical and control-related integration of the system into the film stretching device
  • Visualized representation of the settings and changes, including recipe management for all production parameters
  • Special solutions for strongly foaming media
  • Upon request, integration of a corona pre-treatment station

Options for InCo 800/800A

As a supplement to the standard InCo version, special solutions are also available:

  • Special solutions for optical films with a thickness up to 4.2 mm
  • Indirect coating procedure with transfer roller
  • Coating with backing roller
  • Version for clean room technology

Technical data

Web width

500 - 3,500 mm

Production speed

2-550 m/min


BOPET, BOPP, BOPA, BOPLA, Shrink films

Coating weights

1.5 – 10 g/m2 wet

Solids content

5 – 30 %

Coating media



T-chamber: 5 – 300 mPas


Printing chamber MPG 600 CI: 5 – 1,000 mPas

Gravure roller Ø

250/300/400 mm