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From components to complete lines

KROENERT assembles each line individually and according to your wishes and requirements. For this purpose various components, in a variety of combinations, are available.

In doing so, individual components such as coating stations, winders and dryers become a complete machine precisely tailored to your product. And, because the integration of all components requires comprehensive process and technical expertise, starting with the planning phase, the highly qualified KROENERT team remains by your side during the entire project. This includes the installation and putting into service of the line as well as the training of your staff.

The different KROENERT line series

Depending on what you require from your tailor-made line, there is a wide variety of basic products - some of which have proven themselves over many years in practice - to choose from.

For production lines with a drying channel, the RECO, supplemented by the type of coating head required, is used - for example the RECO 800 in the Technology Center. When no drying channel is necessary, KROENERT uses the PAK series, which can also be combined with various coating systems, e.g. the PAK 610.

For modular, standardized lines, the MCO5000 has been available since the end of 2012. As an individual coating line for small batches or for laboratory use the LabCo is offered.

Using these basic models, KROENERT is able, through the combination of various modules and components, to design and create lines for a wide variety of applications.


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