Dear reader,

The world is changing rapidly. What appears absolutely certain today is being questioned tomorrow. 

Start-ups, and particularly those from Silicon Valley, are targeting existing business models and calling them into question. Using digital platforms and multiplicators millions of people can be reached in the shortest time, and data is becoming the currency of the future.

What does this mean to us and our business?

We don’t want to and can’t stop the changes. Our employees see the changes as challenges, and can transform specific ones into opportunities for the company. In this i-News, read about how we promote and challenge our employees, offering them the space they need and an exciting work environment, as well as how we‘re developing our next generation. 

Dealing with refugees is also presenting opportunities and challenges to business. Besides the humanitarian obligation, successful integration opens entirely new possibilities for all of us.

Read about how KROENERT has offered three young refugees an internship in preparation for their education and training.

I hope you enjoy reading the contributions to this edition, thank you for your faith in KROENERT, and look forward to taking on exciting new future projects with you..  

Tarik Vardag