Interview with Ralf Mohrdieck

Please introduce yourself shortly!
I am in my early 50s and happily married. My wife and I have two girls aged 18 and 20.

What have you done before joining KROENERT?
I started my career at Hartmann & Braun AG (formerly Mannesmann group) developing process control systems. Then I worked for Nordson Engineering GmbH in Lüneburg for 20 years, last as head of product development for Hotmelt systems.

How did KROENERT get onto your radar?
Via my colleagues at Nordson who ran joint projects with KROENERT, among others. One day, a KROENER recruiter contacted me and lured me away successfully.

What did you find attractive about KROENERT?
The technologies in process engineering, which were new for me, and the direct contact to customers as trendsetter for further developments and innovations. Also the advantages of a medium-sized company leading in high-tech special machinery of coating systems. In addition, the short decision-making channels, taking responsibility and team spirit.

What are your aims as head of electrical engineering?
To drive innovations and to sound out the possibilities of "Industry 4.0", and to implement them efficiently. Furthermore to drive standardisation and modularisation in order to allow for more flexibility in project handling, to lower work load and to reduce costs.

What does that mean precisely?
To detect and to support the employees' creativity. Restructuring and reorganisation of the tasks within the Technical Office – Electrical Engineering. To enhance the company culture and the team spirit in the engineering section. To expand interdisciplinary work, especially together with the Technical Office – Mechanical Engineering, Project Planning and Project Management.

In your opinion, what it is that makes a good leader of electrical engineering?

There must be trust between the employees and the management. But trust one cannot "request" or take for granted. Trust must be generated so that it can be returned. And that is not done in a rush, this process takes a lot of time, time that one needs to plan in and to take.

Trust is built up by respectful and decent behaviour with the colleagues and by openness, which also means to show one's own weaknesses, to allow criticism (on both sides). By permanent encouragement to utter even the most far-fetched ideas to promote creativity and responsibility, and by specialist knowledge or the will and the motivation to gain that knowledge.

What drives you every day?
To be able to learn something new again and again!
Sincere praise!

What is your motto in life?
Rattle The Cage