The Technology Center

The KROENERT Group offers you, in its Technology Center in Hamburg, an unique service. Its features and equipment make it the largest test facility in the world: three different lines and a variety of industrial processes for roll to roll coating and laminating are available.

In the Center you can test coating and drying processes for different end products and with different materials, and optimize all processes and parameters before you invest in a new line. Thanks to continuous internal research and development, and cooperation with scientific institutes, the Technology Center is always at the cutting edge of technology.

In addition to making our machines available, the experienced KROENERT staff at the Technology Center is available to support you in optimizing your processes.

Development of an End Product

As a rule, a line is planned for a specific end product. The Technology Center offers you the opportunity to optimize your line perfectly for your specific product and before an investment in your new line takes place. Test runs using different parameters and raw materials are analysed with the help of our expert staff.

Based on the results gained, KROENERT engineers  the perfect line for you in terms of

  • Process technology
  • Processing speeds
  • Efficiency
  • Material output

Development of New Raw Materials

You can also benefit from the Technology Center’s role as a developer of coating media and raw materials. The ever-improving performance of machines leads to demand for new material compositions, which are usually tested in our own laboratory facilities. But 1:1 conversion to large production lines is rarely possible – for this you can use the Technology Center. Production scale processes and technical procedures can be optimized for different systems.

These lines are available at the Technology Center:

RECO 800 A

Multifunction line with over 60 coating processes
Core functions:

  • Production of functional layers
  • Siliconization and coating of adhesives
  • Production of membranes and battery electrodes
  • Application of barrier layers
    • Widths of up to 1300 mm
    • Speeds of up to 1610 m/min


    Multifunction line for smaller batches
    Core functions:

    • Production of functional layers (e.g. OPVs, OLEDs, Printed Electronics, batteries, fuel cells)
    • Production of Prepregs
    • Adhesive and lacquer coatings
    • Widths of up to 500 mm
    • Speeds of up to 40 m/min

    Supplementary Modules at the Technology Center

    Trials and tests are run on a wide variety of materials, raw materials and processing parameters at the Technology Center, always with the goal of finding the optimum values for your line and product.

    For processing different materials smoothly and results can be assessed accurately, in addition to the RECO 800 A, LabCo and PAK 610 lines, there are different supplementary systems available at the Technology Center. Raw materials can be processed locally and the quality of the coating compounds and coated products can be evaluated using the latest measurement technology.

    Dosing and Materials Handling

    • Eccentric screw pumps
    • Gear pumps
    • Microgear pumps

    Measuring Technology

    • Rotational viscometer
    • Surface tension meter
    • coating weight measurement using radioactive rays (RECO 800 A)
    • Flexible ultrasonic weight measurement
    • Microscope for visual assessment of coating
    • Drying oven
    • Scales

    Mixing Units

    • Agitators
    • Mixers