Silicone and PSA coater

This RECO line was designed for the production of self-adhesive labels in two consecutive runs. With web widths of max. 1650 mm and production speeds of 400 m/min, in the first run it uses multi-roller technology to coat carrier materials such as paper and film with release sillicon. In the same production run, the solvent-free silicone is cured in the dryer and remoistened for flatness control.

In the second run the aqueous adhesive is applied to the silicon layer using a gravure roller with a pressurized doctor chamber blade system MPG 600 CI. After passing through the drying channel, the adhesive layer is laminated with the final paper or film label material.

The 800A coating system is equipped with a removable trolley to ensure quick changes of the coating systems between the two coating runs. The turret unwinder and winder can be changed in a flying reel change at production speeds.