The RECO machine series

Thanks to its extreme flexibility and the customisable design of the RECO, it is able to perform all modern coating and laminating tasks. The machine is configured for the intended scope of work and assembled for you, with more than 60 different coating processes available.

A problem-free and quick change in coating media or web width can be performed using the trolley technique and sleeve technique. The RECO processes solvent-based, aqueous and polymer coating compounds (100% environmentally friendly systems), with thermal drying or radiation curing processes.  It uses gravure rollers, smooth rollers, comma bars, slot die/curtain coaters, Meyer bars, dual-sided coating and different special forms.

With web-widths from 500 to 3.300 mm and production speeds from 1 to 1610 m/min it is particularly well-suited to the manufacturing of technical products, flexible packaging and products for renewable energies.
All line components such as winders, coating systems and drying systems are also available as individual items for different applications, such as the retrofitting of existing lines.