Dryers are core components of a coating and laminating production line, just like coating units and winders. Competence and years of experience in this field of technology are essential to offer and integrate mature and reliable technology.

DRYTEC, a company of the KROENERT Group, provides the following dryer systems:

Convection dryers

For drying/curing, the following types are applied: 

  • Roll dryer – ROLLTEC/CONTEC
  • Air floatation dryer – FLOATEC/DUOTEC
  • Belt dryer – BELTEC

Radiation curing system

The following systems are on offer for interlinking and drying/curing of coatings by means of radiation technology, stand-alone or in combination with convection dryers:


Further information can be found here.

example of dryers

Air flotation dryer

The strip is conveyed in contactless sinus form for the purposes of stabilisation above the nozzles.

Roller dryer

The roller and material speeds are synchronised and the strip is dried from above via the deflector nozzles.

UV/IR dryer

These are generally connected upstream of the thermal dryers, here with five UV radiator units each with 30 kW drying performance. Lower picture: sunk lamp housing and extended radiator unit for maintenance/cleaning.