Gravure roller coating

The coating systems described here are examples with principle equipment.

  • Pressurized doctor chamber blade MPG 600 CI
    Closed pressurized chamber blade system, reverse or forward coating possible, without refitting. Wide range of coating weights possible with one gravure roller. Suitable for viscosities up to 2,000 mPas and coating weights up to 30 g/m².  
  • T-chamber doctor blade
    Closed, pressure free chamber system with low compound stock. Metering blade arranged in negative direction of roller rotation.
  • Classic rotogravure
    with oscillating rotogravure blade and direct coating, blade knife adjustable in position and angle.
  • Rotogravure blade MG 300/900
    Closed, pressure free chamber system. Rotogravure blade oscillating for direct coating. Blade in operating position positive to the direction of roller rotation. Combines the advantages of classic rotogravure with the T-chamber doctor blade.
  • Extension with additional rollers for
    - offset processes
    - multi-roller processes
    is possible.