Double-sided coating station

Double-sided coating station for coating on both sides, simultaneously or in sequence. The coating stations described here are examples with principle equipment.

Gravure roller systems

  • Pressure chamber doctor blade MPG 600 CI Closed pressure chamber doctor blade system, reverse or direct coating possible, without refitting. Wide range of coating weights possible with one gravure roller. Direct as well as indirect coating possible.
  • T-chamber doctor blade Closed, pressure-free chamber system with low compound stock. Dosing blade arranged in negative direction of roller rotation. Direct as well as indirect coating possible.

Slot die coating

Coating on both sides possible in Bead Coat process. 

Smooth roller coating

Multi-roller technology for coating on both sides simultaneously is possible with solvent-free silicone


  • Space-saving arrangement
  • Reduced investment volume
  • Savings on energy costs and labour costs
  • Double the production volume within the same timeframe
  • Less water loss in the paper substrate


KROENERT offers assembly of coating systems in existing production lines, as long there is sufficient space. Use of a suspension dryer is a requirement in all cases.

Coating procedures used in practice: