The right coating station for every coating task

The coating station is the central, performance-determining component of a coating machine. Different coating compounds can be applied onto the web.

Depending on technical requirements, coating is done by means of smooth rollers, gravure rollers or slot dies. The configuration of the station  is adjusted to the production task. Decades of experience in application and processes in this field are the basis for the technological standards of our coating stations set by KROENERT.

The use of most modern drive and control technologies enables precise roller speeds and thus ensures highest precision and quality in production.
The high degree of standardisation also allows  trouble-free integration as independent units in third party machines.

Processed are the following coating compounds, among others:
lacquers, glues, silicones, PVdCs, waxes, resins, paraffins, hotmelts, acrylates (also UV-curing), primers, polymers, pigments

Several series are available to implement all common production tasks. The series can also be combined.

  • 800/800 A
    Coating station for all solvent-containing, solvent-free, aqueous or thermically curing compounds (fixed installation/trolley version) > more
  • InCo 800 (A)
    One- and double-sided inline coating of BOPET and BOPP films with coating system InCo 800/800A to improve the film properties. > more
  • 600/610
    Roller coating station for waxes, paraffins, and hotmelts > more
  • 400
    Roller coating station for PS hotmelts and UV-curable acrylate coatings > more
  • 400 D
    Slot die coating station for PS hotmelts and UV-curable acrylate coatings > more
  • 400 EP
    Roller coating station for epoxide resins > more
  • 300 ST
    Coating station for processing highly viscous compounds with an aqueous or solvent-containing base > more